Friday, December 17, 2010

A big LOUD....Key-up!!

So the word "key-up" in Taekwondo terms means... "AY-YA!"  This is what my son does best.  This boy is NOT afraid to use his voice to let everyone know in the gym that he has kicked or finished a form.  In the past few weeks he's been testing for his brown belt.  He worked so incredibly hard to reach this milestone.  I could tell that he wanted it pretty bad.  After a few reviews of some forms, the day finally came when he got presented with that dark colored belt that represented more than just it's color.  His face told the story, and a proud mommy at the sidelines being his number one fan, his cheerleader.  It's been a long hard road to reach this big accomplishment, but I am oh, so proud of him. 

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shelly said...

im so very proud of you cam...way to go..wish i could have been there to see your proud moment..i love you very much!