Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It's been almost a year since I last blogged.  A lot has happened in our lives and looking back on my last blog brought me back to that day, reliving the moment, shedding tears all over again.  Today.....our son is a healthy, vibrant, 11 year old.  Pre-teen.  Adolescence.  I am happy to be going through that rather than the nightmare we almost had to live out.

Today.... We are a very active family with lots of sports and activities.  As you all can see.....I hardly have time to blog, let alone be super mom.  Updating is hard when you haven't blogged for almost a solid year.  Where do I start.  Where do I begin.  I love blogging each moment of my life.  I love knowing my kids can look back on all of this in a book form and know exactly how they grew up with the experiences and challenges they faced.

Today, we are all very well.  Healthy and busy.  Cameron is now 11 years old, braces off (and boy does he look handsome).  Playing baseball for the 2nd year in a row and loves every moment of it.  He is currently taking a break from Taekwondo.  He is brown belt status, and will soon return to earn that black belt he has worked so hard at obtaining.  He's doing well in 4th grade.  Yes, I said 4th grade.  I almost have a middle schooler.  How did THAT ever happen?  Jocelyn is now 8 years old going on 16! Already a fire cracker and boy does her daddy have his work cut out! haha.  She's a delight to have, both kids are.  Blessings....more like it.  She's finishing her level 4 season in Gymnastics, on to level 5.  She has done very well and we are all so very proud of her.  She is in 2nd grade and loves school for the most part.

As for myself.  Photography is still my passion.  I have been very busy with many different jobs along the way.  The Lord has blessed me so very much and I am so grateful for it all.  I have found my passion in newborn babies these days.  I just love handling and providing beautiful photography of a new life.  Pure magical.

A few photos of my growing kiddos.  Off to cook dinner and make "thunder cakes" with the kids.  Maybe Ill blog about those tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a Roller Coaster...

It's been a while, I know.  Life can get so darn demanding at times. ha! Between sports, school for the kids AND myself, photography and the demands of being a wife and mom....WHEW!

 We recently had a huge scare that turned our life upside down and back around. Last Thursday, my son, Cameron stayed home from school with complaints of a belly ache. This was a last minute decision. As the day grew, he started feeling much better. I felt comfortable making the decision to take my daughter into Eugene for her gymnastics practice. I felt that he was doing well enough to come along. 1/2 hour into being at the gym, he started not feeling well, which was VERY apparent. Although I was a little taken back by how well he had been doing beforehand, I decided to make arrangements for my daughter to get a ride home so I could get him home. Traveling down the freeway, on the way home, I just happened to look back in the rear view mirror to find my son, white as a ghost and not looking so good. A mom's instinct is always right, I panicked and took him into the hospital.

Upon getting there, he could barely walk out of the car. He was going downhill, quick! My panic buttons started going off at this point. 105 fever?!? seriously? just a few hours prior he had no temp! I have always panicked about fevers ever since my daughter had a febrile seizure at 8mos of age.

The docs started IV on him, gave him some meds to get his fever down as he projectile vomited and laid there looking like death. The decision was made to take him back to get a CT scan, their suspicion was appendicitis. We were told to get prepared for our son to be rushed into surgery, but what came out of their mouths next, stopped our lives cold in their tracks.

Lymphoma? My son has Cancer? I remember 2 docs and many nurses coming into our room, closing the door and telling us that our son's appendix looked good. I was relieved, but I knew something else was terribly wrong. Based on the CT scan, your son has a mass on his bowels, hardening wall in his intestines and an abnormal spleen. His blood results came back and his white cell count is astonishingly low. My heart started racing, my body tingled and I started getting sick and all I can remember at this point was a nurse trying to get me out of that room to check me into the hospital for medical help. I wouldn't leave my son, he was upset, calling out for his mommy. I had to regain my composure, I just had too.

I finally calmed down, but all I had left in me were tears, and lots of them. I looked at my husband and all I could see were the same as he stared at his precious little boy. How could this be happening, I asked myself. He's so healthy and active! I found myself rewinding time, trying to think back on any possible clues of fatigue, sickness, anything! And I kept coming up with nothing.

Family rushed to the hospital after receiving the news via phone calls in concern for Cameron and ourselves. We were distraught. I remember walking down the hallway with a few of the Physicians on staff that night, hand in hand while tears streamed down my face. Nurses would pass by me and give me a quick rub on my back. The whole E.R was concerned about the news.

We finally checked out of the hospital 8 hours later, late in the night. We had to have family drive us home because we were just to shaken up. Upon coming home, I broke down in the middle of our front living room floor, sobbing. My son laying in bed weeping. I couldn't bear the news, what were we going to do? Neither my husband or I could sleep, at all. We had our son in-between us in bed, holding him tight and not wanting to let go.

The next day finally came after a long night of grieving. I was so fatigued at this point, but my body wouldn't allow me to settle down. This day we went to see his pediatric doctor for a follow up and to get our orders for Portland Dornbecher's Hospital. I felt like I was in this big dream and that I was going to wake up at any moment. All we could do was TRY to keep our composure for the sake of little Cameron, so we could start his treatment or whatever was next for him.

Upon seeing his pediatrician, he ordered more STAT blood work. My son was so upset, he didn't want to get poked yet, again. This really upset me as all I could think about was his future of needles, chemo and radiation. Why does God give this terrible disease to children?

His blood work came back virtually the same, no change, which was good in the aspect of not having to "rush" him up to Portland, but that just meant that we had to wait for 4 days before being seen up there. This was the longest 4 days of my life, literally. Our son was still very sick and we were told to keep him home because of his low white cell count, he was prone to viruses.

All we could think about was our Son's future. I've always considered myself as a good momma. Always putting my children first. But I found myself with many regrets. The times I yelled at him, or the times I swatted him on his bottom or..... I just had so many emotions and hurt so much for him.

The day finally came. Dornbecher Children's Hospital. I wasn't ready, but I was. I just wanted to get him better, but was SO scared to find out his prognosis. What kind of Lymphoma did he have? Our day was long and grueling. Lots of in depth testing, MORE blood work and lots of waiting around.

Finally, all the tests were in and the Oncologist walked in, closed the door and sat down. I remember having that panic feeling again. I started to get light headed and feeling sick all over again. I did good however keeping my composure, but I was dying inside. The Doctor came right out and said.....He's been cleared of Cancer. No Lymphoma, No Leukemia. I had been so distraught, I didn't know what to think at first. Do I believe her? What about the mass on the CT scan? I had to ask again. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I know I prayed to God to heal my son, and that little boy had prayer chains like no one has ever had, but did a miracle just happen?

The overwhelming joy rushed through my body like it never had. I looked over at my husband, his head leaning up against the wall, sobbing. He was so happy. He asked the Oncologist if he could hold his son. That's all he wanted most at that moment. This is the capture.... a moment of pure happiness and relief.

Every time I look at this photo, I sob all over again. This was such a tender moment for both of us. My husband has his son back, his healthy little boy. His partner, best friend and soul.

The mass on his bowels happened to be Inflammation from diarrhea. The hardening wall in his passing thru his belly at the time of the CT scan. Abnormal was abnormal due to a virus that attacked my poor boy. A terrible virus that had virtually the same effects as Lymphoma. Either way, McKenzie Willamette is currently under investigation for these accusations, faults made and most of all....the WRONG diagnosis they made that turned our lives upside down and back around. A lot of damage was done to our family. My husband missing a weeks worth of work, I had to drop my class, because I was in final's week when this all happened, and many other un-mentioned things.

In the end however; I have a very healthy son. 3 days after our trip to Dornbecher, he went back to school. There wasn't a dry eye in that school when we walked through those doors. Everyone was SO relieved. He played in his game that evening as well, and I can't explain how much that meant to us. To sit and watch our son play sports....A whole new appreciation.

I thank God everyday for my Son now. I was thankful before, but even more now. We all are at fault for taking life for granted at times, but after this....I certainly see life in a different light. It's made me a stronger person and has brought me even closer to my Son. The Lord healed. He heard us, every single one of those prayer chains for our little Cameron and he answered them. I thank the Lord above for giving us such a wonderful gift, and best of all.....It came a few days before Mother's day. What an awesome gift! This Mother's day was so very special to my husband and I. Life is way to precious to worry about the petty things. Love your children and those around you, because you will never know when it will all come to an end.


Monday, April 11, 2011

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Enterance fee?!?

This story is funny, had to share.  The other day, I picked up the kids from school.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are very busy days for us.  Upon coming home, my daughter, Jocelyn started getting ready for Gymnastics practice.  Once she was dressed, I told her to come into the bathroom so I could put her hair up in a pony.  She proceeded to tell me about how she formed this "girls" club at school (at recess time).  I asked her several questions about it and came to the conclusion that it was all innocent of coarse.  She even told me that she invited the one girl she don't get along with.  I was so proud.

Earlier that day, I was doing my laundry and pulled 6 dollars out of the washer, as I am sure MANY of us have done a time or 2.  I sat the wet money out on the table to dry and walked away.   So back to my story about Jocelyn and the "girls" club.  So she continued to tell me all about this club and told me that her friend "Daphne" gave her 6 dollars.  WOW, what a coincidence! Hmm, 6 dollars out of the laundry and now my daughter is telling mommy this big huge story about how this girl (whom, I have never heard of) give her 6 dollars.  I immediately warned her about lying and didn't believe her of coarse.  Well, she stuck to her story.  The next day I called the school and later that day the teacher called me back confirming that "Daphne" did give her Jocelyn 6 dollars! Boy, talk about feeling bad as a parent.  At least my daughter was telling the truth! I asked Mrs. Reposa (Jocelyn's teacher) why this girl was giving Jocelyn money.  The teacher replied.  Because Jocelyn was apparently charging an Entrance fee.  WOW, I have quite the little entrepreneur on my hands.  Who would have thought?!? I would have never thought of that at 6 years old!

I can't scold the girl, because she didn't lie, but I did make her return the money and to never take money like that again.  Little Turkey! LOL

Friday, January 7, 2011

Got Duct tape?!?

Duct tape.  Silver, shiny, sticky stuff.  I sure needed some this morning.  Okay, maybe I'm joking a little, as I would NEVER use such a thing on my daughter....okay, I don't sound to convincing hu?  Have I ever said that I was punished by having a girl in the house? ha! I love my beautiful daughter, but I do have to tell you....She's a D.I.V.A in the making.  Yes, I said it! Out loud even! Have I ever mentioned that I would take a houseful of boys over one girl ANY day?!? You can tell I'm just a little heated can't you? You guessed right.  It started off last night.  Josie, had a great practice, gymnastics practice that is, but afterwards is when the fuel was poured.  Walking out the door, she spotted some lolly pops behind the front desk.  In her mind, she thought that it was okay to go grab one.  Well, of coarse...mommy popped THAT plan as I tried to scurry her out the door.  I could feel it coming, I felt the tension getting thick! Right on Que even, as she let out a rip roaring scream that echoed through the whole entire gym! Yep, the match got lit! The fire roared as I felt all the eyes roll my way, once again!  When is this going to end, I asked myself? 

Long story short, I had to be the bad guy as she screamed all the way out to the car.  I don't remember exactly how many times, I drug her out of the car last night on the way home, but it was many.  I don't remember the drive home even, I just know it was the LONGEST drive of my life.  It's funny how our bodies react to such stress.  So who's the one that told me, parenting was easy???

I once heard that a stubborn, hard-headed child grows up to be the most independent, hard working adult. Statistics please?!?  What if she doesn't live that long? Okay, now I'm being sarcastic and humorous.  C'mon, I'm trying to enlighten you all!  So, back to my story.  We finally made it home, safely I may add.  She thought the punishment was all done.  Boy, was SHE in for a big surprise.  She got taken back to her room, I took a bucket and tossed in all of her Zhu Zhu pets, barbies AND the big doll house she just got for Christmas.....GONE!  You'd think at that point, she would get it.  Oh, no! The screaming began!   It was so hard and I was so emotionally drained beyond belief.  Thank God for earplugs! Sending her to bed early after a quick supper was what I needed the most!  Did I happen to mention that a full bottle of wine was my best friend that night too? I don't think I EVER  finished a bottle of wine myself!  Can I also add, that I drank that full bottle as fast as I would have finished ONE glass?  Oh yeah.  I slept like a baby lastnight!
Morning approached.  "I" was ready to go cuddle with my baby girl, I needed her to just hug me back, I needed that reassurance that she still loved me I think.   Well, I got that, but I also got the attitude again. Here I thought my morning was off to a great start, was I WRONG!  Why did God give me such a stubborn daughter? Hard headed isn't the word.  I sure hope she grows up to be a genius!  If I had some vodka to pour into my coffee, I would have probably finished the whole 5th.  Why am I suddenly talking liquor?  Step aside liquid courage,  A new kid is in town!  As you all know, I am not a drinker, but talking about it sure helps.  HA!

Sending my daughter off to school was the hardest thing Ive had to do.  That part wasn't easy.  Who wants to send their child off to school with tears and a blotchy face? As she walked out the door with her daddy, I immediately was immersed in tears myself.  How can a 6 year old have this kind of power? 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's Red with black polka dots all over????

You give? Well, Ill tell ya.  It's.............

A ladybug! 

My daughter found this cute little ladybug in the dead of winter sitting on the limb of our Christmas tree we picked out.  The ironic thing?!? She LOVES ladybugs.  We went to the tree farm, got out of our truck and spotted our tree.  We knew it was the one when Mr. Ladybug was found!  My daughter STILL talks about that moment!

Just a sweet little moment I had to share.  Have a blessed day.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Making a list.....Checking it twice.

This holiday season has been filled with craziness! Running here and running there! I'll take a Cafe-mocha-vodka latte with a double dose of valium, TO GO please! haha.  Kidding of coarse, but that's just how crazy my life has been since the day black friday hit!  I do however LOVE the holidays, but this year for some reason, I just can't get into the holiday spirit.  Maybe it snuck up on me to fast this time.   I seem to want to run people over VS giving them that holiday smile.  Hmmm.  Getting our Christmas tree really did help the mood a little bit, but can I just say?!? I can't wait till its OVER with?  Hey....I did decorate my house too you know.  We finished up our shopping a few days ago, the same day we started it. HAHA  This year is going to be primarily focused on the kids, and that's okay because it's suppose to be all about the kids anyhow.  After all....I do have a lot to be thankful for, the most precious gifts already have been given to me, therefore, Christmas is going to be a day to recognize and be thankful for my beautiful, healthy children, my wonderful, yet stubborn hubby (Love you honey!) and all of the other amazing gifts in my life.  Many of us tend to put these gifts on the back burner to stand in line for the next big gifted item! Don't get me wrong....I love to buy for my kids, but there are limits in our family and our children are taught the meaning of the holiday, the meaning of the Christmas tree, the candy cane and most important....The DAY Jesus was born.
Tomorrow, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. I hope many of you can settle down to recognize this day and why we celebrate it.  I leave you with some of my favorite pictures of our decorations.  God bless you all and have a safe and happy holiday season.