Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wacky Hair Day!

Okay, so this week is spirit week at my kids school, since this is the last week then the summer off!  Today was Wacky hair day and of coarse my kids wanted to go all out!  Jocelyn, our daughter woke me up at 6:15 this morning begging me to spike her hair.  Okay, her hair is about 3 inches from sitting on it and this girl wanted it spiked? Ummmm NO!  Well just as I had said NO, my husband rolls over (we were all still in bed) and says..... "Ill do it"  Well, I wasn't going to argue with the fact that he wanted to do it, so I let him.  Not more than 1/2 hour later, they were both coming to me for help. LOL  I knew it!  I'm sorry Men, but when it comes to us girl's hair.... you are INCOMPETENT!  He (my husband) had mixed about 20 egg whites and poured all over in her hair.  YES, I said EGG WHITES! Does anyone know what this does? Google it if you don't!

So after spending A LOT of time re-washing her hair while she's screaming BLOODY murder because her hair is so stiff you could probably beat someone up with it.  Finally rewashed it, conditioned it.  I had to walk away for a few minutes while I was away, my husband proceeded to put LOTION, GOBS of it in her hair! Ughhhhh Hello?!? You don't put lotion in hair! So anyhow, I just left it in, put it in little tiny buns with 1 braid at the bottom and sprayed color on it.  This is what we came out with from both kids.  All in All they had a blast and YES my kids had the best hair! So I guess that would rule them as the most spirited! 

Today was the last day for the Kinders, so my daughter is officially a first grader and I have to say, I am quite sad.  Atleast I have the summer to take it all in. :(

Hope you all are enjoying your week and have a wonderful weekend!



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