Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sandi's Fight.

I have had the wonderful pleasure to give back to someone in dire need. is a beautiful woman fighting a rare form of Brain cancer.  I came to know this story through  Stephanie told the story of this remarkable woman, so I went and visited her blog.  Once reading her blog I was instantly touched and could NOT get her out of my mind.  Thinking about the story for several days, I just had to help, I had too.  Sandi is a young, newly married woman who should be enjoying her life, but instead she's fighting for her life.  The Lord has given me gifts, many wonderful ones in my life.   A wonderful, loving husband, beautiful kids, health and the gift of Photography.  My love for Photography sparked after the birth of my first baby and it's been history ever since.  The Lord spoke to me, trying to think of ways to help, It hit me like a TON of bricks!  I have decided to donate 5% of all proceeds to go back towards Sandi's cause.  I have taken some landscape photos and will continue to take photos, upload them to my new store website at:

Please visit my store, purchase a print.  Make a change today in Sandi's life.  Join in her fight! You can also go to her website at to make a donation.


Belly Charms said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. Words just can't express how much what you are doing means to Sandi and our family.

slmorris07 said...

Thank you for posting my story on your blog!!!! Every bit helps my husband and I (he may try to go back to school in the fall so we are watching every penny). We have gotten a wonderful response from our friends and family from the site my sister set up. Thank you gain for your support and prayers. Have a wonderful day/weekend.


Owen's Mom said...

I am here from FF. I can't find your Friday post, but I am your newest follower. Come on by when you have a chance.

Amy Walker said...

Following you from Friday Blog Hop!