Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Missing in Action....

I know, don't give me that funny look. I have been MIA from the "blogging" community for a while now. I have my reasons, yep..... okay, maybe I don't. I have never been any good at keeping up on this blogging thing, but I actually miss it and miss all of you, so Im back. Are you happy yet? Jumping up and down? Okay, I doubt that.

Summer is about to come to an all time end, and I am not very happy about that, but all good things must come to that point right? I mean, what kind of summer have we had anyhow? Well, the Mid West that is.... Yeah, thank YOU Eastern States for taking our HEAT away! My favorite time of the year is Fall anyhow and right around this time of year I get a little giddy inside because I can feel it coming! Ahhh nothing like the beautiful colored leaves, the crisp cool mornings and yep, Im a little odd, but I love it when the days become shorter. OUCH.... I felt that slap! Anyhow..... So you are probably wondering just what we have been up to lately.... Okay, so Ill give ya the scoop!

Our summer has consisted of a lot of KIDS! I do daycare, so enough said, but I LOVE those little curtain climbers! We haven't done a whole heck of a lot this year, weve just been so busy with sports, camps and work.  One,big thing in  my son's life is that he got his braces on....Im sure he's giving me a pat on the back about now, well maybe in 10 years when he realizes the importance of a presentable smile.
so in the mean time his nickname is "braceface".  Nahh Im joking, Im not that mean of a parent. LOL but I have to say, he does look pretty cute AND so very grown up. Now that part doesn't make me smile to much.  (I don't want them to grow.....)

So as for the kids, they have been very busy, Cameron is now a brown belt in Taekwondo and Jocelyn is almost on pre-team in Gymnastics, both are doing excellent in thier sport of choice. 

As for me... I have grown a lot, I think I finally found myself and my passions in life.  It has taken quite a while and quite a toll.  I have also learned the meaning of "family" and "life".  I have taken a different route that is.... a better one!  I am excited to see what the world has to offer me, heck.... my family. 

Until next time.......

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