Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday...

So today was Easter Sunday. Waking up to screaming kids, hearing the sound of little feet running through the house was such a blessing. The day prior, we colored Easter eggs and had a great time doing it, and I have to say... the kids got very creative with their eggs. Once complete, in the fridge they went for the Easter bunny to hide after they fell soundly asleep!

I love reliving my childhood memories through my kids.... It's just so much fun! Putting together their cute Easter baskets and hiding the eggs throughout the house before I climbed into bed was so exciting because I could almost anticipate what their reactions would be. LOTS of EXCITEMENT!

The next morning (bright and early) like 7AM! The kids FLEW out of bed running thru the house screaming at what the Easter bunny had left them. My husband and I lay in bed looking at each other with smiles on our faces as we heard their reactions. At that very moment, I thanked God for what he has given to me.... 2 beautiful, healthy children. After the baskets we combed thru the house for our 50 plus eggs (lets just hope we didn't miss any) they had a blast and so did mom and dad!

We had a very blessed day, enjoying a nice meal followed by another egg hunt (about 300 plus eggs) at a good friends house. The weather even cooperated for the most part! Yeah!

Hope everyone had a blessed day as well.

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Tiffany said...

So fun! I have to admit, we were in a hotel room on Easter morning - so totally not the same. I had to make Raymonn get up and take Prayse out so I could make her Easter bag (totally not the same as the basket). Next year we'll be doing eggs for sure!