Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's been a while.....

I know, I know.... it's been a while since I have updated.... Life you know, as well as I, can get extremely busy at times. So here's an update.

Cameron just passed another belt in Taekwondo, so now he's a "blue Instructor"! We are so proud of him.... He's half way to black belt! Yes, he'll be a black belt by 10 years old, what an amazing accomplishment for a 10 year old... He loves every moment of it and we are so proud of him.

Jocelyn has now been in Gymnastics for a few months now, and I think we found her niche. After trying several different sports, we thought we were pinpointed on ballet.... until she tried Gymnastics that is. Yes, she comes by it honestly I have to say. It's in her blood, and yes... "MOMMY" is very proud. haha! She is currently enrolled at NAAG Gymnastics, she's a level 1 (sparklers) they call them and doing great! She has her cartwheel down, handstand, front and back roll, and kicks on the beam. I don't think 1 day a week is enough for her, as she begs me all the time to go more, so were looking into 2 days a week.

As for Chyenne and I.... We have been very busy. As most of you know... we have decided not to take that shop and NOT to move into a fifth wheel. We are currently still looking for the perfect shop, just a bit smaller and cheaper. We have learned to be a bit more conservative with our money these days, and even though my husband stays very busy and is a VERY hard worker, I am so incredibly grateful and very blessed to have a man like him, we want to make sure our move is the right one for us. ;)

There has been a few changes in "my" life.... I have had a dream of owning my own Photography studio for quite some time now, I have been working very hard with my schooling, yes 4.0 GPA! I am very proud of myself! I will be purchasing my 1500 dollar camera, yes I said 1500 dollars! At the end of April! I have it all picked out. Unfortunately that money is for the body of the camera only! My lenses are at least that much and more! But, I will have the funds to also purchase at least one lens to start off with. The rest will be purchased as I make money. I have recently started advertising, started a "fan" page on my Face book, YES... I have 80 fans! If you want to become a fan.... just click on the badge at the beginning of my page on the right hand side. Many, Many supporters through this ordeal and I am so very blessed!

I have already been approached to do the photography for my 20 year high school reunion, which is very exciting, so I will find out all of the details as the time approaches. I am also going to be doing a wedding this summer, a maternity shoot in May, and newborn in June/Julyish and several other jobs. Everything is just falling into place with little work, this tells me that THIS is what I'm suppose to be doing. I would have never thought that I would be a photographer, let alone possible for me to do! It's exciting, I have such a passion and I am very excited to make money at doing what I love! And with my passion, comes a very loving and supporting hubby, every step of my way! He is working extra hard just to purchase the tools I need to be successful. Now, I have to say I am very blessed.

Our friends just made a great contribution towards my future camera and will be purchasing this art piece. This will be my FIRST sale! AND.... I get to see this print up on their wall! Yeah me! I am very excited. Every sale will go towards my equipment needed to get my business going. Thank you Tim and Tracy! You guys ROCK! I have a lot of supporters behind me every step of the way. (look at all of my Face book fans, it's awesome!) Thank you everyone for never giving up on me! That is what a real person is all about..... encouragement and never giving up on a person! I am very blessed to have all of you in my life. You all know who you are. ;)

So in a nut shell.... this is what we have been enduring for the past few months. Never give up your dreams, hopes or desires in life, no matter what ANYONE says. Those people who do NOT support you... are people who are miserable anyhow, and who wants that in their life? I sure don't! Keep reaching for those stars. :)

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Tiffany said...

Sheri you are so inspiring! I'm proud of you - nice job. And the photography is amazing! I know you'll do well.