Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life is a climb.... But the VIEW is great!

While I am waiting for my daughter's birthday pictures to be emailed to me, I will talk about what's coming up in our life.

I like to document about everything in my life these days, I mean after all, my children will be reading this stuff in a blog book some day, and I want them to know every aspect of their mommy and daddy's life, ups AND downs. Now, as sacrificing may be a down... I am somewhat seeing it as an "up". It's very scary to sacrifice, especially when you have children involved. Since this economy turned upside down, it has been a struggle for many of us, including our family. My husband is a very dedicated, hard working man and I am so grateful for that everyday of my life. I know he wants nothing but the best for us.

Meeting Chyenne 10 plus years ago, I seen his talent right away. God has given him a beautiful gift, a gift in the Auto industry. I really do not think he gives himself enough credit at times, I sure do! I mean after all, he has gotten to do some pretty cool stuff on a few TV shows and other big places just recently. He has always had a dream of owning his own Auto body shop ever since I can remember, and I am sure it goes back even further, way before we even knew one another. That dream came true back in 2007 when we opened up our first shop downtown Eugene. We sold our first home so we could put our equity money into this building that was ohh so perfect. Not more than 8mos later we were approached by the owner that he was in a world of hurt and that he needed to sell it. Long story short, we lost every penny and hard work we put into that building to make it work for our shop. Today, we are living in a beautiful home, 3 car garage and a 2 bay building, running our shop out of this place, located in the country (10mins out of town) and I see everyday that it just isn't working for my husband.

Many people could look at this as a negative, and we did at first, but as time went on... I seen the positive, and I really feel that the Lord sparred and protected us and took the pressure off , after all we went from having 2 sets of bills, down to 1 set of bills, and who knows where we might have been if we would have taken another leap at that time. It's been almost 2 years since all of this has happened, and to our surprise... My husband has kept very busy, even being located way out where we are currently at. It's just hard for him to juggle cars around, and when I see him out there in the pouring rain, my eyes fill up with tears because I know that our dream is within arm's reach. We have never given up hope and have always kept our head up and our eyes open for that "perfect" shop to call home. Well.... we found it! Many, many months, even years (as weve been searching somewhat even after moving out of our other building) of searching.... we found it last week.

So what does all this mean? Well... now that we found our building, we are having a lot of reservations. We are scared, concerned and excited all at the same time. I mean, in all reality... Is this going to work in this scary economy? People are closing doors, not opening them. This is the time where we just have to give it to the Lord, he'll direct us, there's no doubt about that. There are way to many "good" parts about this building though. The best part... we will be sharing it with someone I have been wanting my husband to work with for a very long time now, his uncle. It's just all to perfect, the building has a perfect separation of space and while his uncle already has a Custom shop, they go together like 2 peas in a pod, like a puzzle! You see, custom airbrushing with Fabrication/restoration... What is more perfect than that? I have been praying for something like this to happen for a long time now. We also have a lot of other ideas in the works and some really cool stuff we may be introducing to our line of work. The guys have talked about getting a shop together for a very long time, but I think they have just been scared and I really do not blame them. They have a great relationship and who wants to ruin something like that? Through time though, I think it's just a right move, a move that's been right all along, but never seen until now. God has his timing and I really feel that he has opened this door for all of us. We have all been searching for a long time now. For something to work. Now comes the part where we sacrifice.

These are our plans... To move out of our house, and stay in a 5th wheel right on the shop property! Okay, I know what some of you are thinking. LOL I too thought the same thing, but I am actually excited about it. The shop comes with some land, it's a really nice place and a perfect space behind it to place a 5th wheel and no one would see it. It's fully fenced in too. So our plan is to do this for 6-8mos, then find a house back in town. I do not think it'll be all that bad. As it is... we are going to be very busy, so the trailer will only be a place to lay our heads. We are still in negotiations with this building and the other party. Yes, we are taking baby steps and doing everything right this time. We are doing what's affordable and dissecting everything before we jump. I know in the long run, our sacraficing will pay off.

Wish us luck as I will be keeping everyone updated as we progress. 1st of April is the projected moving date for everything. It's going to come quick... but that may be a good thing. Not enough time for my emotions to catch up with me. LOL


My Life As Mom said...

Sometimes one must sacrifice things in order to obtain a greater joy.

Don't worry about it, hun, I'm sure things will be fine and 6-8 months in a 5th wheel will pass before you know it.

Christie said...

I wish you guys good luck. Hoping everything works out the way you want it to. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you guy's. I hope it works, you guy's deserve it!!

Tiffany said...

Here's the thing - while we're told to be scared in this economy - that's more the media than anything. My husband got laid off as well, but to us - it's a blessing because more and more small businesses are opening right now than at any point in history. NOW is the time to shine! You will be successful - you will be blessed. I know it!