Monday, January 11, 2010

So Frustrated....

So today was one of those very busy Mondays. It was a juggling act to try and get everything in my planner complete and crossed off. One very big, exciting event on my list was Jocelyn's very first ballet session. This of coarse was one of the least important, but the most important if you know what I mean. She has been begging and pleading with me to sign her up for "ballerina" classes as she would call it for at least 2 years now. Always dancing, singing and dressing up in tutu's. I know ballet can be pretty spendy, as with any sport, but I wanted to make sure she was old enough to focus and actually learn the skills that are taught in each class.

Before going into this afternoon class, I sat down with her and asked if she was sure she wanted to do this, and her response was a big YESSSSS ending in big squeezes. So, as a mom..... not a question in my head, she was ready!

We arrived to TaDa Productions located in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Right in the heart of town, and going into the studio was a bit intimidating as you walk into a big lobby filled with MOM'S! So if you can only imagine, everyone staring right at you..... Yep, we were the newbies. The dance studio part was separated off by walls and glass, I walked Jocelyn into the studio, took off her shoes and off she went with excitement.

I couldn't just sit down and wait like the other moms, I had to watch. I was just as excited to see her face and reactions than anything. Camera in hand to capture those special moments. This class was a lyrical ballet class, so it consisted of more than just ballet. She was doing so good! No coordination really, after all it was her very first time EVER! This was a class of 8-10 year olds, and she's 5, well technically 6 in two weeks. Her cute little but shaking and her little feet tip toeing across the floor, I was a proud momma.

Half hour into the class, the teacher called for a drink break. I had thought nothing of it, after all no one told me anything different. Jocelyn approached me asking me for something to drink. Looking at her then looking around the lobby for a drinking fountain, I came up empty handed. With soda machines right in front of us, she continued to point right at those. I only had big bills with no one having any change, so we were just out of luck.

Her face flushed and a little sweaty around the hairline, I felt terribly bad as a mommy who couldn't provide for her child. But with only 1/2 hour left of the class I promised her to stop by 7-11 to get her favorite drink.... a Slurpee! With every bribery on the planet, nothing was working. Her frustration and sadness grew along with her whimpering. Pretty soon all the "catty" moms in the room focused their attention RIGHT on us. Feeling the tension and embarrassment, I just wanted to hide.

Giving her more than one, two and three chances to get back into the dance room, she refused to do anything else, but stand there and cry VERY loud. So as a mom, and as hard as it was I decided to remove her kicking and screaming the whole way home. Having mixed emotions about the whole situation, I felt I made the right choice.

After coming home, I sent her to her room so I could cool down, and so could she. Having to hear her scream all the way home, I just needed some time to re-group. After she calmed down, I went into her room to see her face all splotchy, I immediately wanted to grab her and hug her tightly, but I knew that my reaction was important and that I couldn't show her my weakness. Sitting down on the edge of her bed, I explained to her what she had done wrong and why she was removed. It all ended with a big "sorry" and a hug and lots of crocodile tears.

We are going to try it next week, with her own water bottle in hand ONLY if she can earn it. She has a full week to show mom AND dad that she really means business. Chores without whining, no talking back or bad attitudes and over all good behavior. If she can do these simple tasks, then she gets one more time to try it out.

So...... who ever said parenting was an easy task? Having a strong willed child is NO easy task either. Many of us would say.... we've been in these exact situations. I just hope there aren't to many more.... LOL

Ohhh and yes, NO pictures! Maybe next time! ;)


Christie said...

I am sure next session will be great for her. I still cant believe there was no water in sight and just a soda machine! It wasn't right of them not to mention to you that there was a drink break to bring water.

Makita said...

Having a strong willed child of my own.... You did the right thing! Kudos to you! :)