Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The things that make a mother's heart melt....

So yesterday, Cameron had a "skate night" with the church and all of his school friends. Let me explain... Out here in the "Mohawk" Valley, where we live is a great little Elementary school and local Church across the street. Every Wednesday, after school, the kids are transported to the Church for "Kids Club" from 3-4:30pm. I love it, because that's just more time that my son is in the word and in God's house.

So last night was their annual skate party at "Skate World". I had planned on going to chaperon and take Jocelyn along so she, too could join the festivities, but she woke up with croup and a fever that morning. I dropped Cameron off at the Church, It was set up for him to ride with Pastor and Marian. I gave him 5 dollars to get a slice of pizza and a drink while there at the skating rink. I was a little sad that I couldn't go along, but I didn't feel it was fair to have my daughter sit and watch everyone having fun, not to mention having her out and about when she didn't feel good wasn't right in my heart. I know when I don't feel good, the last place on earth I want to be is anywhere other than my own bed!

So Cameron finally arrived home around 9:00pm. He was so excited to tell me about his evening and even more excited about what he had for me behind his back. After telling me that he did NOT eat anything and only bought 2 snow cones, after he lost his 1st one. LOL, I was a little frustrated because now it's 9pm and I have to find something in the kitchen to feed him before bedtime.
"Mommy" close your eyes (he said) so I closed my eyes as I held out my hand. I felt something slip on my finger and as I opened my eyes, I looked down and seen this BEAUTIFUL ring he had slipped on my hand. Taken back, I looked at him as he had tears rolling out of his eyes, he told me that he spent all of his money trying to win me that ring, as he apologised to me for not eating. I wanted that moment to last forever. A 25 cent ring, he probably spent a few dollars on just made me that happiest "mommy" in the world! The fact that my 8 year old son, thought of his "mommy" while out with his friends made me lay in bed later that night and SOB!

These are the moments that I will forever Cherish, the reason why MY children are so special and I only hope that this very moment will carry on to that "woman" he marry's someday. (not that I want to think about that right now. lol) These small things are so BIG to a "Mothers" heart. This little .25 cent item just as well may have been winning the lottery, because I felt like I had when I looked into his precious eyes at that very moment. Man, I sure do love him! If only he knew just how much his mommy loves him. Thank you Lord for giving me such beautiful, kind hearted children and thank you for allowing me to experience these special moments that I will never forget!


Christie said...

That was so sweet of him to do. What a great boy. Sorry Jocelyn was sick.

Oregon Mom said...

Very sweet! Little boys are so special! Chan is really thoughtful like that too- how lucky are we???