Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lost for words...

This morning I woke up not feeling so well, sitting by the fire so I could stay warm, my husband was ever so kind to help me get the kids off to school (an icky tummy bug I think). As I was sitting by the fire, staring into space at the bright red coals, headache, belly ache and all...a thought popped into my head about a person that used to be very important to me. Well not just her, but her family. I was thinking on how I could fix things, what I could do to maybe not necessarily to become her friend (although a friendship would be nice), but to find closure so I could just move on. Her and I used to be the best of friends, then a big fight broke out and a lot of hurtful things took place. It's been 4 years or more since all of this has happened. I know some of you might think I am a little ummm "crazy"? Well, I used to think of her as my sister. Not a day goes by that I don't kick myself for the things I did to her. You see... I am not that person today. I am a better person... I am a Christian who gave myself to Christ and I gave all of my sins to him.

My prayers got answered today.... as those thougths came into my head this morning.... the phone rang and after 4 plus years, it was her! Seriously?!? I couldn't believe it! Her first words were, Sheri.... Please don't hang up. My thoughts.... Please don't let my power go out! LOL We had the most pleasant talk and for the first time in that many years I felt a sense of relief! Finally I can relax. I am not a person who likes to have enemy's, I certainly deserved it though, however; with such a great friendship we used to have.... I was finding myself having a very hard time letting go without some sort of reasoning or ending.

Our kids are close to the same age, and I am very surprised that I had never ran into her face to face before up to now. I do have to say.... she is a very good mommy and I in a way really look up to her for the person she is. I know it can't be easy for anyone to swallow their pride and pick up the phone in fear of rejection. I know I possibly couldn't do it, but I am glad she was able to be that person. I just want to thank her for the great phone call and whatever God has in store for us, I will take. I feel like a million pounds of weight is gone. Thank you Cendy and thank you Lord for giving me a wonderful gift!

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