Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Cheer!

Yesterday, the kids and I were on our own as Chyenne was working all day long. There were many things going on in town and many things I had to do and not very much time to do it in. Always a stress around the holidays.

Getting ready to go into town, I knew of the Christmas parade, but I really didn't want to go because of the cold and lack of time on our hands. As we approached town, the sound of marching bands and fire trucks entered the ears of 2 young excited children in my back seat. How in the world can a mother say "no" to that? So as I gave in to the big saucer eyes and the smiles from ear to ear.... we found a parking spot and arrived right on time!

I didn't know it, but Jocelyn came very prepared. Upon climbing out of the car, so did her big huge "pink" bag! This was a bag for candy as she explained. We found the perfect spot to stand as the marching bands launched the holiday season! Antique fire trucks, horseback riders, Boy & Girl Scouts and lots of candy for the kids to enjoy. Looking at the excitement on their face was gratifying.

After a great time at the parade we kicked off our shopping spree with our main focus on "dad". Every year I encounter a secret told within seconds of pulling up to the house and walking in our front door. To my surprise, not a peep has been told. I think I may have trained them well this year. LOL

We finished off the day with bumper car and barrel rides in the mall. Even I got the opportunity to let my inner "kid" come out. ha! We had a great day, so did the kids. Both were quickly zonked out by the time we hit the road to come home. ;) Job well done for me.

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