Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Bliss~

We all have such busy lives and the whole point of this blog is for me to update! Now... what good is a blog when I do NOT do such a thing? Ha! Sometimes we get so carried away with our obligations in life that we forget about the little things that mean so much. We have been extremely blessed with amazing friends, family and children in our life. Everyday is a learning experience when it comes to parenting. Just recently (a few days ago) we went to the Christmas tree farm with great friends to pick out our tree, which was so much fun! On the way to the farm, Jocelyn says.... "mom, how does God grow Christmas trees?" Now... how does a parent answer that question? You and I know that with each answer we give, it will follow with yet another question. LOL I just love living through our children's eyes and mind. My answer.... "sis, God created this earth and he grew lots of beautiful things for us to enjoy"! Good answer? It was satisfying to her, until she brought "Santa" into the mix. haha!

We had a great time picking out that PERFECT Christmas tree! We walked around for ohhh about 1/2 hour or more checking out each tree very carefully. Any flaws.... the kids noticed and didn't want it. After a while we came to this lonely ol tree and we all knew.... It belonged to us! Daddy chopped it down and hauled it to the truck. I love making memories with our little family. Pictures makes it fun to look back on and we did just that. Snapped lots of them. ;) After the first of the year, I have decided I am going to start photo books for the kids. I used to be into scrap booking, but with the little time I have these days, photo books will be just as sufficient. Besides, being into Photography, they will have some great photos to look back on!

House is Decorated (Christmas) and it seems like every year, I acquire more and more decorations. How do I do that?!? I surely don't remember buying.... LOL or maybe Its just my instinct and I just don't remember, but the husband does a great job reminding me every year I go to pull out the boxes. I love it though, and deep down inside.... so does he! ;)

Thanksgiving was good, we stayed home and I made a big dinner for friends and had some family over for desert. We had a great time just relaxing this year. I recommend it for others. ;) The holiday I look forward to the most though.... well, I am not sure if it's considered a "holiday", but I sure consider it! BLACK FRIDAY!! I am a Black Friday Junky! I live for this ONE shopping day I get to spend with girls shopping till we drop! This year, I found lots of great deals, and couldn't hardly stand it. Woke up at 3am (without the alarm clock mind you) and was out shopping at 3:30am! Now.... how can I do this when I am not a morning person?!? Very easy and I just can't explain it. LOL I bet my husband can though. :)

I suppose I should end here, as I start writing Its hard to stop. I get writers block; therefore, I find it hard to update, but I need to start. Holiday Blessings to everyone who reads my blog and until next time..... Chow~

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