Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall thoughts~

Hello all!

So many thoughts run thru my head daily and why, every time I sit down to write I go blank? Writers block is what you would call it. Hmmm maybe I am not meant to be a writer. Well, that's okay because I am not an inspiring writer, so don't grade me on my writing. ha! So far we have all stayed healthy. Yep, no H1N1 in this house! Did you know that 1 in 5 kids have that darn flu virus right now? How in the world have we become so lucky? Could it be all the vitamins were pushing into our kids and us? I know it's only a matter of time before we get hit, and for some odd reason I am very afraid. This would be the time to say a little prayer I suppose.

I start my next class tomorrow. Computer Literacy. I am pretty excited about it. I get to learn my new Adobe CS4 and Light room. I have been working with my CS3 before upgrade to CS4 for about a year or more now. I can't say I'm a pro, but I know more than the average person I have to think. I am hoping that by the end of 6 weeks (when my class is finished) I will know 3 times what I know now! That will be exciting.

Onto the funny stuff. Kids are so goofy and I yet to wonder just where they come up with some of the things that come out of their mouth. The other day I was taking a bath, soaking my poor neck (yes, I have major neck issues, but we will get into that on another day) so anyhow, my son comes in as I am washing my hair (with the jets on. Yeah... that's real smart) and asks me if we can read books together when I get out of the tub. My son LOVES school and so this came to no surprise. The child is always reading or doing some kind of extra homework. Anyway, I told him "of coarse son". I noticed his eyes weren't exactly focused on my eyes, I knew what he was looking at... but do I say something? Yes, I do! I asked my son... "Cameron? What are you looking at"? Well, after asking that question he looked in my eyes finally and said "Nothing mom". Well as a parent I didn't want to "assume" anything, so I let it go. As he was standing there, I caught him looking at my chest again. AND again I asked him... Cameron what are you looking at? Finally coming to truth he said, MOM (as he is pointing his finger at me) those right there.... are nice! Okay... How in the world does a parent react to that? Anyone? Please? LOL

Well, as you can all guess. We both got embarrassed and I asked him very kindly to let mommy finish up in the bathroom by herself. I would have never thought this day would come where my son is no longer invited into the bathroom with me while bathing or showering (to keep me company) It makes me sad actually, but what are the boundaries? After all "mommy's" are different than all the others right? Do son's look at us in that way? lol Gosh I hope not! I hope he isn't thinking like that at 8 years old. I mean... after all I keep my kids pretty sheltered.

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