Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School

Well, here we are again. Another year gone by and another summer gone. :( We had such a great summer this year, it's hard to say goodbye and hello to another year of school. I guess it's just another reminder of my kids growing up.

Cameron started 2nd grade this year and Jocelyn Kindergarten and boy it was rough for mom. It was hard to let her go knowing that the first day of Kindergarten would never ever be experienced again. A new beginning, watching my daughter learn a new routine, meet new friends and learn is a bitter sweet feeling. They were both so excited to start school this morning. They each layed out their new outfits the night prior and went off to sleep. Bright and early both popped out of bed like they had springs in their feet. It was to my amazement. Ha!

Jocelyn's Kindergarten class consists of 5 kids. 4Girls and 1boy. Do I feel sorry for that little boy. LOL I just love their school, it almost feels like a private school and the teachers are awesome! Cameron walked into his 2nd grade class this morning like it was nothing. All summer long, before the summer began, he was begging to go back to school. That boy loves school! I am so blessed, I just hope it stays that way. ;) And of coarse.... mom left quite sad out of the building, the days are behind me when the kids and I could pack up for the day and do our own thing, now they are in school and I am all alone with 4 hours to myself. I am quite sure I will find something to do within no time.

So I end with some cute pictures I took and now that the year has started, I will be updating frequently. Thanks for reading!

Cam and Jocelyn on the first day of school! Jocelyn all excited to get to school! All dolled up!

Cameron going into 2nd grade.

They are so grown up! :(

On our way to school! They are just so cute!

Jocelyn hanging up her coat and backpack!

At her table

Are you going to leave yet mom?!? LOL Yes, that's what she said too!

Awee my beautiful little princess.


Class has begun! K and 1st combined

Caught in mid action.

Home from school! She had a GREAT time!

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