Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer update!

My cute baby girl! Growing up so fast :(

The kids in the fort they made out on our back 40. LOL having lunch with good friends.
The front view of their fort! LOL So cute!

My sexy husband down on the river at his dads house.

Cam showing off in front of the family. Showing his skills. LOL

Like father like son! Has to be the life of the party. LOL

Mommy and her babies! So proud.

My little man! Blue mohawk and all. LOL

Josie and her friend little T. CUTE!

Driving the boat out on the lake!

What a cute daddy daughter pic.

At Grandpas on the Siuslaw floating the river. This pic cracks me up!

At Chyenne's dads house having a BBQ with friends and Family.

Jocelyn waiting to go snorkling! LOL
Best friends for life!
NY Giant Tight End! WOW he's tall!

The hubby is star struck I think! LOL
Hope you enjoyed the random pictures we have done thru the month of July/August.
We have been so busy. So sorry everyone for the "lack" of updates latley. With the summer slowly coming to an end, we will slowly as well get back on schedule.
The month of August seems to be the most crazy for us. This week Cameron will be in camp, the following week both kids will be at the grandparents in Hood River! Yeahh. WOW, a week without kids! What will a parent do?!?We also have a camping trip planned and school shopping. Then back to school! I am so sad. Cameron will be approaching the 2nd grade and Jocelyn into Kindergarten. My children are growning up so quickly.
Updating a little on the adults. LOL I have been in school now for about 3 months. It's going very well. For those of you that didn't know that, I will be getting my Bachelor's degree in business with a minor in accounting. We still are going strong with our shop, we have been blessed with a very steady work load. So with this degree program, I keep pretty busy. When the kids start school my plan of action will be to take those 3 hours while they are in school to study and get my schooling out of the way so It does not take away from "family" time. Summer has been difficult because of this. So investing in some modern technology for "on the go" has been a MUST!

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