Saturday, October 3, 2009

8 Years Old?!? When did this happen?

My 8year old birthday boy! When did this ever take place? Just yesterday I was awaiting his arrival as I lay in the hospital bed meeting with the O.R. docs to prepare me for my C-Section. I remember that day all to well, like it was yesterday. Kind of sad I have to say. Looking back on baby books and pictures gets me choked up everytime. I know I am a cry baby.
He had a sleep over this year, I am thinking it may have been the last too. 10 kids in all and it was very stressful I have to say, but as I look back on it... That day was a memorable day for him, it was about him and not us. Creating memories that last a life time, something he can look back on or maybe even rememeber. He has finally getting to that age where certain things he WILL remember as he emerges into adult hood. Okay, my brain can not comprehend that so lets not go there quite just yet.

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Stephanie said...

Look at that handsome little man!! He's a cutie!