Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sorry about the quality of the video, Im not sure what happened. I think I just need to go purchase another camera and a seperate video recorder. :(

It's been quite a while since update. We have been pretty busy so far in our summer break. Cameron goes off to camp this coming week, Jocelyn and I are going to have some special one on one mommy and daughter time. Being busy with the shop and life in general, it will be much needed.

I have started school in the past few months. Currently in my second class (Economics) It's pretty tough, only because I do not consider myself a political person, however maybe once this class is over. Ha!

We haven't been on any big trips yet this year. I was suppose to leave for NYC July 7th but, my girlfriend's husband got pretty sick, so she had to cancel. I was looking forward to the trip, but in all honesty.... I am kind of glad it happened this way. I have put aside my money for NY for a planned trip next summer to Atlantis. We are looking into our plane tickets as we speak. That will be lots of fun and the kids are very excited.

Cameron just lastweek passed another test in Tae Kwondo class, as he goes up the level of belts, the tests get harder. He is now a blue belt. Almost to the half way mark to Black belt. We are very excited to see him excel and he is such a great little Martial Artist.

So as I sit here typing away, I realize I have a paper due tomorrow, so while my children are watching an educational movie about whales, I better get on the stick and write my paper while I can.

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