Monday, June 8, 2009

Function 4 Junction.

This year we got a million calls asking if we were going to attend this event. We had plans to go down with just our kids and enjoy the cruise. With everyone contacting us, we decided to make it a group event. Potluck?!? heck... why not! We didn't go to the show and shine, but got down to line the streets plenty early. It was so miserable with the heat, we decided that we better get to the store and buy a tarp or something to keep us cool and shaded. If this wasn't comical... Here 4 guys are putting up this tarp. Stringing it with rope to a power pole, an suv, side of a building.... It was pretty funny and made for great entertainment with the crowd on the other side of the road.
Upon completion of our tarp adventure.... we broke out the portable bbq, some chairs and food. We cooked up hotdogs, hamburgers and the whole nine yards. Im sure the people beside us and across from us were drooling with hunger. Heck, we could have made money with our food platters. Something to consider for next year eh?!?
We had so many people in our group and people spotting us down there, I think everyone decided to hang out at our spot. Cameron had a blast cruising around in the hot rods. I think he thought his daddy was "famous" that day. LOL
By the end of the night, 10pm or so, the kids were ready to head home as well as all us adults. We all had such a great time.

Mr. Hollywood! lol

Hmmmm don't ask! haha

The girls getting LOTS of attention doing curtsy's for every car.

Our great friends Kevin & Darla

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Stephanie said...

Awesome! looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL time!