Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No training wheels?!?

Yesterday was a day Jocelyn learned to ride her bike without training wheels. I never pushed the issue from early on, even though I felt she was ready long ago. As a parent, especially with your last... you never want them to grow up.

The kids were outside playing and Cameron came in and said he needed in "Daddys" toolbox. I immediately knew what he was up to as I heard him talking earlier with Jocelyn. I went outside with him and watched him work away on his sisters bike to get those darn things off. The look on his face was a look of determination... way to cute! Jocelyn let me know right from the start that brother was taking the training wheels off her "old" bike and not her "new" one. She didn't want her new one scratched up if she fell. LOL

Jocelyn was actually excited to do this, so I think brother had something to do with it, haha. Mommy geared her up with long pants, knee and elbow pads and for some reason she wanted to wear "brother's" helmet. I walked out there with the camera to take pictures and Cameron already had her sitting on the bike saying "okay sis... now remember... it's about balance!" Jocelyn was very attentive and after a few trys and a big push from mommy... SHE WAS DOING IT! Way to cute!

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