Thursday, May 28, 2009

Got Sunblock?!?

Today I went to see the Doctor because of a spot on my back that's been bugging me for a while. It felt like a constant itch that I could NEVER get rid of and was soar to the touch, almost like a bruise. Chyenne looked at it last night and said that it just looked like a mole and wasn't red or funny looking. Well, the Doctor came in the room today, checked it out and said... yep! pre-cancerous. I freaked out! He came back in with this funny looking canister and a couple zaps of freeze stuff, I was taken care of.

The doctor said that it will fall off in a few weeks and to come back in to have it checked, but I should be fine. How scary though. He said I should not have another problem in that area but, I need to be careful in the sun and to have the rest of my body checked out periodically. If skin cancer doesn't scare you into sunblock, I don't know what will. I went IMMEDIATELY to the store and got 50 proof sunblock! The craziest thing... the spot on my back is a spot that isn't near as exposed to sun as my face or arms are. Goes to show how the suns rays can go thru your clothing.
So if your out in the sun.... WEAR SUNBLOCK!!!

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