Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our beautiful weekend...

This last weekend was the Rhododendron festival in Florence, Oregon. We go about every year. Good food, fun parade and great car show. This year we missed the parade and only because it was on the opposite day of the car show. The kids were very excited to go, as was I. We packed up our car and off we went. Our first stop was "Grandpas" house in Mapleton. The kids always LOVE going to "river" grandpas home. We picked him up and off we went to our first stop. The "car" show. There were so many beautiful cars there and to our surprise... my husband was being stopped by about everyone on the planet earth. We scored a few big jobs, which was very exciting! It was a fun time and the kids enjoyed it too.This is a car that my husband did minus the graphics. (body and paint)

Our next stop was "Webers" to have some yummy seafood! You can't go to the Oregon coast and NOT have some yummy clam chowder. The kids scarfed their food up and we were Beach bound! Got some great pictures and made some fun memories. The drive home was fabulous as the kids fell asleep with their mouths open. We wore them out... MISSION accomplished. LOL

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