Thursday, February 12, 2009


About 8 months ago I went and bought a new digital camera. I was so excited to use it, as I am the picture QUEEN! I think I tend to take to many pictures of my kids and family, but 20 years from now I feel all the pictures I have ever taken just won't be enough!

So about a month after buying my camera, I was outside, 4th of July lighting up fireworks with all the kids. They were having so much fun, that I just HAD to capture pictures of them. Well.... long story short.... I got bumped while snapping some pictures and dropped my camera right on the lens. My camera now had NO focus and beeped at me every time I would try to zoom in. I was so unhappy with myself. I knew because of it being my fault the store would NOT take it back or exchange it. So it sat in my computer desk for several months.

3 weeks ago my husband said... why don't you try contacting Sony and seeing what they can possibly do for you. Well, I did and my camera got shipped off 2 days later. Well.... I am so excited because I just got it back and it's PERFECT!!!! So now I get to snap pictures again. Although I have a photography camera, it's sometimes so much easier to have a little pocket camera and this little one I have is a nice one and I just LOVE how it takes pictures. So I am going out to use my new... old.... camera.

Had to share my excitement. LOL

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