Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My baby girl turns 5!

So my daughter's birthday was on the 3rd of February and her party was just last weekend. Before we started planning her party, we made sure to include Jocelyn on all the fine details . So I sat down with her and she told me how she wanted her party and let me tell you... that girl was VERY particular and knew EXACTLY what she wanted!

A Princess party it was. Started with ordering this beautiful 3D layered castle cake with her picture at the top of the cake, which was perfect and made her feel like a princess, ended with balloons, streamers and all the "Princess" decor you could think of.

The party turned out pretty well. We had about 40 or so people and just as many kids running thru the house. We were prepared though. HA! We wore them all out by playing dodge ball, bean bag toss, pin the tail on the donkey and on and on. By the time it was to open gift all the parents could tell how tired everyone was by the quietness of the room. LOL (our plan worked!)
In all she had a really great time! The night before we had game hen for dinner and daddy pulled out a wish bone and set it up on the window seal to dry up. The next morning Jocelyn took notice and wanted to break it with daddy, well she won and told us that her wish was to get a new bike. So on her last gift we surprised her with all the kids standing in front of the bike and then all ran away exposing the bike. The first words out of her mouth, super loud... "Daddy... MY WISH CAME TRUE".... it was the cutest moment ever.

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Anita said...

Awww Sherri, what great pictures and a wonderful party for you little girl........growing up! The cake was amazing, I kept looking at it and at first wondering if was a toy or a cake! Happy Birthday Jocelyn.