Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines day projects

Valentines day approaching.... and I wanted to do something different this year. We started off by looking at ideas here online and found this really great website called "family fun". So many great ideas for cards and bags to hold their Vday cards they get from classmates. The kids and I were so excited, as soon as we seen this bag idea they knew exactly what they wanted to do! As for making cards for all the classmates..... I knew I didn't want to just go out and buy the "typical" cards. I had many ideas to pick from, so Cameron picked out these cool little airplanes made out of candy (we added Popsicle sticks in glitter for extra support) and Jocelyn picked out these sucker hearts.

We immediately went to the store and picked up our materials as I knew making 30 Vday cards a piece was a big chore! The kids did great! Jocelyn glued all the suckers on the hearts, Cameron even helped cut some of them out. Cameron's airplanes were a little difficult putting together, but he was a good helper! He cut out his own hearts and wrote all the names of his classmates on the back of each heart. I have to hand it to them, they did very good and didn't stop until the job was complete!
The next day we constructed our bags. Cameron had some really creative ideas. We added eyebrows, nose, teeth, and a tongue to his. I cut out the pieces and the kids glued them where they wanted them, I helped Jocelyn as she wanted to glue the leg on top of the head and so forth. LOL We had such a great time with this craft. Seeing the excitement on their faces is worth so much.
Jocelyn took her bag to school today for her party and it was a HUGE hit! The teacher even asked for the website. Cam's party is tomorrow so I am excited to see what kind of a reaction he will get. :)

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