Friday, February 13, 2009

No Water!?!

Okay... sometimes I feel that I can write a book on my life story. LOL If it's not one thing its another. So this morning I woke up to having very little water pressure! Once again.... Here we go! So I made a few phone calls and got someone out here right away. I was in disbelief.... They say things happen in 3's so I am curious to see what comes our way next. My thoughts?!? Bring it on and lets get it out of the way!

So I guess I didn't realize just how big of a job replacing a pump was. It was pretty amazing and a great learning experience for the kids. They pulled 110 feet of pipe out from the ground in 20 feet sections. I was pretty fascinated too. So as the day has gone by with no water, I quickly realized just how much water plays a vital role. I couldn't cook, I couldn't shower, no laundry... heck I can't even wash my hands or flush the toilet! YIKES! Well, the good news is.... we will have water by this evening sometime with a new pump.

These are pictures of them taking out the old pipe.

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Anita said...

Water is critical! I hope you are back to your same water filled self now :)