Monday, January 26, 2009

My Poor Car.....

Well.... where to start. I haven't posted alot lately and that's only because it seems as though things keep happening and NOT for the better around here. Here is the latest on one tragedy in my life.

My car! Yep, my car. It was 2 weeks before Christmas, my aunt and I were coming back to my house after a few hours in town. I decided to take the scenic route (in which I never take) and to my dismay it would be the most EXPENSIVE scenic routes ever! We were almost home, a few more corners to take and my driveway on the right. Around one of the last corners, layed a Big FAT rock. Right in the middle of the road. Well.... as you all know by now. I ran over that darn rock! Had no choice of the matter as I couldn't avoid it.

A few days later, my car started sounding creaky, really bad! I had no worries as my husband and I own a well known Auto Body shop in town, figured it was something little. My husband went out and took a look at it and came back in and said "honey" everything checked out okay, there is nothing wrong. Well, a relief I guess, so I my life continues.

That following weekend, Chyenne went out for his first Elk hunt of the season. I never mind when he goes out because it's his time with the guys and a stress reliever I am sure from the kids for him.

This time it's about a week before the holidays. As they are fast approaching I was beginning to get really stressed out as I had not one gift for my husband. So this was my chance. A perfect opportunity. He's GONE!!! Lets shop!

My excitement suddenly turned to fear, anger and frustration almost in an instant. Broken down on the side of the freeway I sat! Husband gone.... thankfully I have some pretty amazing friends that came to my rescue. I was out of coolant. But, how could I have been? The husband just filled me up 2 days prior? turns out, my coolant bottle cracked at the seems. So part ordered and husband changed it 2 days later.

I was in the house on that frightful day (LOL) husband came in and said "honey" you might want to come take a look at this.... I was quite confused, so I went out to the shop as my car was up on the lift. WOW! that's a pretty mangled up piece of steel! As my husband explained to me that, that wasn't just any ordinary piece of steel. It was a cradle that holds in my motor. OMG! with the look in his eyes, I started to worry.

Thank goodness for good insurance. The creaky noise.... was my suspension rubbing up against my motor and my motor was sitting under my hood crooked from hitting the rock which caused my coolant bottle to crack. And some more bad news?!? I now had a blown head gasket and a cracked head!

I really started to stress now! Insurance only covered the mangled piece of steel. Which was 3000 dollars! Yep..... 4500 just for the motor work! 7500!!! People are buying CARS at that price! Not fixing them! So this has been one tragedy in my life in the past month. I guess it could have been worse. The lord was looking out for us that day. My children could have gotten hurt or myself. So I am thankful for that.

The good news is. 4500 out of our pocket later, our car will be fixed and back to me at the end of January. Have you ever had that sick feeling in your gut though?!? Thankfully we had that money put away, but that last thing I want to spend my money on. I had a rental for a while, but insurance only allowed me 3 weeks of coverage. So I have been without a car for only a week, which is another great blessing.

I have never encountered a rock as spendy as that one. Makes me want to go search that thing down after falling from the side of the hill and frame it!

Hey, at least the car still looks good! LOL but, not driveable..... at this moment. Ughhhh just aggravates me!

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Anita said...

Oh Sherri how awful!!! I know that feeling, just helpless. And in this day and age, you need a vehicle. I live in a small city, no public transportation, my son goes to our parish school, so no but, we live too close for a bus to the HS, so I take the girls too, they will be driving themselves after August.
I'm glad you are fine, not injured and I hope it comes back to you in great your hubby just into car body repair, or does he do engine stuff too?
I've missed you posting!!!