Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snap Shots of Jocelyn....

Yesterday while in town.... taking my daughter with me. We went into a few stores to pick up some household items. She looked at me while holding her hand and BEGGED for me to get her some lip gloss of her own. She was being so good, how could I possibly say NO to her?!?

So off we went down the makeup isle. Here I thought I had at least 10 years left before walking down the lo real isle. She knew right off the bat at what she wanted. Orange "Glitter" lip gloss. To my surprise it was perfect for her.

When we got home this is what I caught her doing. Of coarse I have modified the pictures a little, but still turned out pretty darn cute. My little girl is growing up so fast. I tell her now that she's so pretty she's not going to need that clown makeup.

remembering as a little girl, how I would hide my makeup bag in my backpack, only to put it on in middle school. I would be walking out the doors to go home while wiping off the evidence. Now as a mom to a beautiful daughter I now see what my parents have been drilling in my head all these years. Yep, I think payback is going to be a........ B!

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