Thursday, January 29, 2009

Car Update...

Today is a pretty exciting day.... Initially the insurance company did NOT agree to cover the motor repairs to my car. Well.... persistance pays off baby!! I didn't stop the word NO! I pushed and pushed until I got that phone call today with the guy on the other end of the phone saying.... We will cover the costs of the damage! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I am so thrilled! The power of prayer and consistancy pays off.

Ohh and I got my car back yesterday and I can I just say... I LOVE HER!!! LOL Amazing how much you take for granted when you have a working car. So all the money shelled out of our pocket that just made me so sick?!? I get it back in a big FATTY check. I love AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE!!! LOL

Pays to complain. hehehe

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Tiffany said...

Hey! I've been extremely busy and haven't stopped by in awhile. I'm sorry things have been rough!

Uhhh- wow. $7500?? See, I need to be more like you. If my insurance company would have told me "no" I would have just meekly said "okay" and then complained and been mad for weeks.

Go you!