Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Having FUN in the SNOW!

We had a pretty good storm blow through that left us about 3 inches of snow! Yes, SNOW! I like the snow as long as it goes away within a day or so. The forecast called for snow and VERY freezing conditions like 11 degrees at night! Burrrrr I must say. I must be getting "Old" because I can feel it in my bones when the weather changes. I can NOT get warm for the life of me, but here are my kids going out in it like it's nothing. Do their little body's not have cold sensors? I don't know how they can tolerate playing out there for hours at a time, let alone covering up with the stuff like they do when they are at the beach.

So we woke up to snow Monday morning which in essence meant "NO SCHOOL" Damn... Shucks..... Darn! I tell myself. So the snow is to blame for my crazy day with kids in my hair as well. LOL They had lots of fun playing in it and can't wait for the next cold front to hit us with more snow. Ughhhh I am ready and eager for summer to hit already. Here are some cute pictures I have snapped of them getting as wet as they could to only go out and do it again half a dozen more times. LOL

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