Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Jesus We love you.... The name of Cameron's Play.

Last Sunday night Cameron was in a play at one of the churches down the street. The name of the play was called "Baby Jesus we love you". He was a donkey. LOL He was stressing for a solid week on being dressed up as a donkey. I thought the idea was funny but cute. The night came to the big performance. He had to wear all grey, so we went out the evening before, we went shopping to find something he could wear.

Chyenne, Jocelyn and I found a seat in the crowded auditorium. I had my camera in hand, but the lighting was not the best! There he was as he walked out and OMG.... I have to say Chyenne and I about died in laughter. He had on these big goofy ears, but aweeee so cute! Cameron knew exactly where we were sitting as he spotted us out immediately. He had that look on his face like "Im gonna just die". Over all, the play turned out. It wasn't at our church where we normally go. Every Wednesday the school bus pickes up most of the school kids and drops them off at the church across the street as they have an after school "Kids Club". It's so good for Cameron as he gets to learn even more about God and scripture.

Even though it wasn't our Church, seemed like I knew almost everyone. I am known for my house and kids. LOL All the school kids come to my home before and after school, I sometimes feel like an extension of Mohawk Elementary. LOL But, it makes me feel really good that I provide a nice, warm, safe and Christian home for these kids to come to. I wouldn't have it any other way right now. My kids have met some pretty amazing people out here along with myself and Chyenne that we can see having for a lifetime. ;)

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