Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I bought this darn Gingerbread house weeks ago. Sitting on the counter in the kitchen, my kids would pass by it daily and drill me about when we were going to sit down and make it. Chyenne has been gone hunting the past 2 weekends, so those days were out of the picture, as it turned out to be the only free days to sit down to it. We are so incredibly busy with sports, holiday stuff, kids and just life in general. Well... finally we just had to make time and so this is what we came up with last night. Chyenne put the house together and the kids and I created out "Masterpiece". My dream home. Ha! They did a very nice job and are so proud of their creation. Jocelyn was hard at work and took it very seriously and Cameron with his OCD (just kidding) had to have everything just "Perfect" Yep, those are my kids. I think they have watched mom to many times cleaning house.

More pictures to come as we prepare to start baking this week and thru the weekend. Curious to see what imaginations my children are going to have. ;)

Their Masterpiece Complete!

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Stephanie said...

That's very cute!! Love the candies and the smiles on their faces.. looks like everyone had a great time!