Monday, November 10, 2008

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble....

Okay.... So Cameron (my son) brought home this BIG turkey stencil from school last week. The homework was, that he decorate it and return it by November 10th. All the turkeys in the school are hung up in the hallway and are judged. My son wanted to do the best turkey ever! he said. So the family sat down last night (Sunday) and created this little creature. He was so proud of himself. We went out in the cold dark night to find the "Perfect" leaves for the feet, we cut them to size and... Wala! We used raw spaghetti noodles and colored with red marker as hair, and daddy made a wing so Cameron could cover with feathers. We used a button for his eye and felt for his "gobble, gobble" LOL

We had alot of fun with this project. Jocelyn sat with her own project and made her barbie coloring book have hair. LOL

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