Monday, November 10, 2008

Aunt, Uncle and LOTS of cousins....

So this weekend was pretty busy for us. Saturday Chyenne's sister and army crew came into town from La pine, Oregon. I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed but, once they got settled in it went good. Having so many kids through the week kind of ruins any other child interaction on my days off besides my own of coarse. I made the best of it. She has 5 kids of her own. So needless to say, I had 7 kids for about a 48 hours straight! Was it hard? yes it was! But, seeing the happiness on my kids faces to see their cousins made it all worth while.

We had a nice BBQ dinner and watched movies, Sunday they all went to Church with us. It was great being in the lords house, I felt I needed him the most at that point. Having said that. I have struggled with issues on my husband's side of the family, isn't that why they are called In laws??? I am not sure why I have these feelings, I do know they go way back to when we all first met. I have been praying really hard this past few years for the Lord to just take these feelings that I have and just set them aside, but I think it first needs to start with Chyenne and how standing up to his wife on issues when we all get together would make a world of difference. Well, enough said, so with this I leave some cute pictures to enjoy. These are Our kids and Chyenne's sisters kids, yep! That would be their cousins. LOL

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