Monday, November 3, 2008

Got Dance?!?

So I signed Jocelyn up for a dance clinic at the High School in our Area. This last Saturday is when it was. The clinic was from 10am till 3pm. So we dropped her off, stayed for a little bit to make sure she was settled in. She was so excited for this. Mommy packed her lunch and she got all cute.
They learned a few different dances with the Cabaret dance team at Thurston High School, which by the way is awesome! Then at 2pm all the parents came back for a performance of all the dances everyone puts on. There were so many kids at this clinic. They were separated by age so they weren't learning a routine out of their league.
When we came back for the performance... OMG! I thought there was NO way in the world my daughter was going to perform in front of all these people. The stands were FILLED! Id say about 500 people plus were there to watch. Parents, grandparents, friends etc... But she did so awesome and they made her the center of attention at the very end. They danced around her as she pretended to be a lion trying to escape the circle. The dance was sooo cute. Next year I WILL have a video camera for this event. It was so cute and she did such an awesome job. She was so excited that she didn't want to leave. LOL

Here are a few pictures, the color of the pics didn't turn out that well. I think it was because of all the fluorescent lights in the gym that made my pictures turn out kinda weird. ENJOY!

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! Looks like she had a blast!