Thursday, October 23, 2008

My baby boy turns 7!

So many of you know, we celebrated yet another birthday, another year gone. Our boy turned 7 years old. He decided on a "hot Wheels" theme this year. I had thought of making his birthday cake, but after attempting lastyear at my own creation I was advised to stick to my daytime job. LOL So after careful thought we came up with the idea of a "Cupcake" cake. Boy, why hadn't I ever thought of this? Fabulous idea! No need for cutting and so easy to serve.

So as for the party it's self.... Turned out perfect. Cameron invited his school friends which was a first for him. We had 14 boys in all for the party and 8 of them stayed over for the night. We played dodge ball, flag football and the boys all got to take turns breaking a Pinata. Cam's uncle DJ finally had to take a big "WHACK" to break it open and it was like being bombarded with kids as the candy flew.
Here are some Pinata pictures. I have so many pictures I chose only a few to show. After the pinata we all settled down to a nice hot fire in our fire pit, roasted marshmellows and relaxed. I think the boys went to bed around midnight and giggled half the night. I was relieved when the house became quiet again so I could take a deep breath. Morning arived and those boys were up at the crack of dawn. Ughhh do they ever sleep? I asked myself. Seing the happiness on my boys face took all the pain away of having a house torn apart (haha) and a house full of "stinky" boys over for the night. Boy was I glad to get my house back.


d@gmarrs said...
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d@gmarrs said...

We're glad you had a great birthday, wish we could have been there but you were in our thoughts. We love you