Thursday, October 23, 2008

We are in SO much trouble!!!

So today... was so beautiful outside. My daughter had no school today so I decided to make it a girls day, just her and I. We got Cameron off to school and Jocelyn and I started out by watching a princess movie together this morning, with me drinking my coffee and her with hot cocoa. After our movie we got showered and got all cute for a fun day out and about.

We first went up to Daddy's work to say hello and then off to my daughter's restaurant of choice. Taco Time it was. So we ordered and had a wonderful lunch together talking about random things. After lunch mommy had to run a few errands and stop and get gas. While we were at the gas station Jocelyn managed somehow to score us a free carwash, she was on cloud 9! Asking Jocelyn what she did, she looked at me and said "mom, Im just really cute". At that point I knew that I am going to be in soooo much trouble when she gets older. Her poor dad.... I really feel sorry for what he's going to endure. LOL

All in all we had a really great day.

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d@gmarrs said...

special days for mommy and daughter are so important, good memories