Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jocelyn Does Gymnastics!

Well as promised, I signed peanut up for Gymnastics. I have to say that she just loves it. Her first day, Oct. 11th (trial Class) was a bit frustrating though. Jocelyn was in a wonderland running from place to place, not listening to her teacher or anyone for that matter. I felt my face all flushed sitting up in the balcony looking down as I grew more and more frustrated.
I remember that day... with the class ending on a better note than it started, thank goodness. Just as I was counting my blessings the temper tantrum came on with a vengeance! Yep... she wanted to stay. Mommy tried to explain to her that she had to wait until her next practice, ohhh wrong thing to say to that stubborn turkey. I led her into the changing area to get her clothes on and she did a pretty good job getting dressed until she seen all the big beautiful trophies. I seen her wheels spin as she tried to grab one to take home. In jocelyn's mind... she just earned a trophy for practicing gymnastics. LOL So mommy once again had to explain to her how this whole trophy thing works.

she really didn't believe me I don't think as I explained to her and as she kept throwing her hands up in the air trying to grasp at one. I could feel instantly that this wasn't going to go over to well with her so I had no other choice than to pick her up like a briefcase and run! My daughter certainly made an image out of us that day. We wound up going back and this time was much better as I had bought her, her own leotard and tights to make her feel special and to more less bribe her to leave the trophies in their place. Ha! Well, she didn't forget about them as they sat on the shelf staring at her like a piece of candy. Maybe, just maybe this will mean there's a fire in her to become a future champion. Whatever it may be, I will always be a proud mommy of my little girl.

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