Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Enterance fee?!?

This story is funny, had to share.  The other day, I picked up the kids from school.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are very busy days for us.  Upon coming home, my daughter, Jocelyn started getting ready for Gymnastics practice.  Once she was dressed, I told her to come into the bathroom so I could put her hair up in a pony.  She proceeded to tell me about how she formed this "girls" club at school (at recess time).  I asked her several questions about it and came to the conclusion that it was all innocent of coarse.  She even told me that she invited the one girl she don't get along with.  I was so proud.

Earlier that day, I was doing my laundry and pulled 6 dollars out of the washer, as I am sure MANY of us have done a time or 2.  I sat the wet money out on the table to dry and walked away.   So back to my story about Jocelyn and the "girls" club.  So she continued to tell me all about this club and told me that her friend "Daphne" gave her 6 dollars.  WOW, what a coincidence! Hmm, 6 dollars out of the laundry and now my daughter is telling mommy this big huge story about how this girl (whom, I have never heard of) give her 6 dollars.  I immediately warned her about lying and didn't believe her of coarse.  Well, she stuck to her story.  The next day I called the school and later that day the teacher called me back confirming that "Daphne" did give her Jocelyn 6 dollars! Boy, talk about feeling bad as a parent.  At least my daughter was telling the truth! I asked Mrs. Reposa (Jocelyn's teacher) why this girl was giving Jocelyn money.  The teacher replied.  Because Jocelyn was apparently charging an Entrance fee.  WOW, I have quite the little entrepreneur on my hands.  Who would have thought?!? I would have never thought of that at 6 years old!

I can't scold the girl, because she didn't lie, but I did make her return the money and to never take money like that again.  Little Turkey! LOL

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