Friday, January 7, 2011

Got Duct tape?!?

Duct tape.  Silver, shiny, sticky stuff.  I sure needed some this morning.  Okay, maybe I'm joking a little, as I would NEVER use such a thing on my daughter....okay, I don't sound to convincing hu?  Have I ever said that I was punished by having a girl in the house? ha! I love my beautiful daughter, but I do have to tell you....She's a D.I.V.A in the making.  Yes, I said it! Out loud even! Have I ever mentioned that I would take a houseful of boys over one girl ANY day?!? You can tell I'm just a little heated can't you? You guessed right.  It started off last night.  Josie, had a great practice, gymnastics practice that is, but afterwards is when the fuel was poured.  Walking out the door, she spotted some lolly pops behind the front desk.  In her mind, she thought that it was okay to go grab one.  Well, of coarse...mommy popped THAT plan as I tried to scurry her out the door.  I could feel it coming, I felt the tension getting thick! Right on Que even, as she let out a rip roaring scream that echoed through the whole entire gym! Yep, the match got lit! The fire roared as I felt all the eyes roll my way, once again!  When is this going to end, I asked myself? 

Long story short, I had to be the bad guy as she screamed all the way out to the car.  I don't remember exactly how many times, I drug her out of the car last night on the way home, but it was many.  I don't remember the drive home even, I just know it was the LONGEST drive of my life.  It's funny how our bodies react to such stress.  So who's the one that told me, parenting was easy???

I once heard that a stubborn, hard-headed child grows up to be the most independent, hard working adult. Statistics please?!?  What if she doesn't live that long? Okay, now I'm being sarcastic and humorous.  C'mon, I'm trying to enlighten you all!  So, back to my story.  We finally made it home, safely I may add.  She thought the punishment was all done.  Boy, was SHE in for a big surprise.  She got taken back to her room, I took a bucket and tossed in all of her Zhu Zhu pets, barbies AND the big doll house she just got for Christmas.....GONE!  You'd think at that point, she would get it.  Oh, no! The screaming began!   It was so hard and I was so emotionally drained beyond belief.  Thank God for earplugs! Sending her to bed early after a quick supper was what I needed the most!  Did I happen to mention that a full bottle of wine was my best friend that night too? I don't think I EVER  finished a bottle of wine myself!  Can I also add, that I drank that full bottle as fast as I would have finished ONE glass?  Oh yeah.  I slept like a baby lastnight!
Morning approached.  "I" was ready to go cuddle with my baby girl, I needed her to just hug me back, I needed that reassurance that she still loved me I think.   Well, I got that, but I also got the attitude again. Here I thought my morning was off to a great start, was I WRONG!  Why did God give me such a stubborn daughter? Hard headed isn't the word.  I sure hope she grows up to be a genius!  If I had some vodka to pour into my coffee, I would have probably finished the whole 5th.  Why am I suddenly talking liquor?  Step aside liquid courage,  A new kid is in town!  As you all know, I am not a drinker, but talking about it sure helps.  HA!

Sending my daughter off to school was the hardest thing Ive had to do.  That part wasn't easy.  Who wants to send their child off to school with tears and a blotchy face? As she walked out the door with her daddy, I immediately was immersed in tears myself.  How can a 6 year old have this kind of power? 

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The Heschl Clan said...

sorry sweetie, but it doesn't end there...unfortunately they have new attitudes, some are better than others but now I have to deal with attitude & sassiness & my two are 9. It does get frustrating & parenthood is not easy. You will get through it..just stand your ground! She will get the idea:) fyi, a glass (or a bottle) is always good to have when you are dealing with this:) ha!