Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Witch and the poor injured man....

Halloween is past us and it's onto yet, another fall festivity.  Thanksgiving! And boy do "I" have a lot to be thankful for.  But, first things first.  This past ghost and goblin season, our kids had a million and one different costume ideas.  This year was a little different however.  My oldest, Cameron, had no desire to dress up at all.  My head hung as he broke the news to me.  Has that day finally come... Is he really to that age? Just one more year, please?!? I wasNT going to try and persuade him even though I really just wanted to squish him down a few years.  It's hard watching your "babies" grow up.  I know...Just KNOW that day is coming when "Santa" becomes not so real anymore, but I DON'T want to think about THAT!

We took Jocelyn out to pick out her costume.  She wanted to be a devil so bad, she talked about it for weeks.  I wasn't so excited about it however.  There was just something about dressing up in a devil costume that didn't sit to well with me.  But, she decided on being a Witch, which was a bit better than what she originally wanted to be.  So as we were putting the pieces of her costume in the basket, Cameron came around the corner with a handful of costume ideas.  My eyes lit up and excitement came over me.  "Mom"? Can I be an injured man? OH what a fabulous idea! I loved that he came up with that costume idea all on his own! So of coarse, I jumped at helping him round up the things he needed to have a great costume.

Our Halloween evening was fabulous and I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant evening without rain! We took the kids out for a few hours and while they were fulfilled on getting a bag full of candy...We were fulfilled watching them in their costumes having a great time!  Hope you enjoyed your Halloween as much as we did!

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