Friday, October 1, 2010

Ohh I love new beginnings!

The past several weeks have been crazy for us around here.  With the start of a new school year, gymnastics, karate and everything in between, I haven't been able to sit and relax.  We celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary on September 20th.  It was nice to get out for an evening without the kids and enjoy our time.  This year we decided to try something a little different, restaurant that is.  And I am SO glad we did.  We went to this very upscale authentic Italian restaurant in downtown Eugene and I have to say it was Fabulous! There was one downside tho.  The place was very loud, so it was very hard to have that romantic moment, but hey....we can always have those.  After all, we have forever together right? We enjoyed our night out and that's all that matters. 

So our new beginning is...... NO! It's not a new baby! Although sometimes I wish.  SOMETIMES! haha.  We are moving! We have spent 3 fabulous years in our country home and it's time to move on.  I can remember back to the day we moved into this house.  It was a day of agony, a day of....what the H did I do?!? See, I am NOT a country girl.  I am no farmer, goat herder OR going out to the chicken coups to pluck out the eggs! So this country was FULLY to accommodate my husband and of coarse score some pretty big points for being that loving, giving wifey of his.  So now it's MY turn.  And I bet you couldn't guess where I chose to live.  Yep, right down the street in the city a quarter of a mile up a long gravel driveway in the TREES! What has gotten in to me? I have to say what I once was, I am no longer!  I love our little country community out here and I can NOT see myself living anywhere else but here.  Our close friends out here have become more like family to us and the school is Phenomenal.  So why would I leave? I am very excited to start this new journey of my life.  This week we've been painting, next week will be the hardwoods and then we get to move!  The kids are so excited to move and I am too.  We are on many acres with a park like setting.  Very woodsy.  The day the home became ours was the day we drove up there to test out the keys.  We drove past our neighbors house before approaching ours and just on the other side of our front deck were two 5 point bucks and 4 babies.  My husbands burs ted out and said "Honey, WE ARE HOME!"  Right then and there I knew.  I knew this was it.  A place to call home.  Something we haven't felt for quite a while now.  So it feels pretty good. 

One of the many beautiful views off the front deck.  Such an amazing view.
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