Friday, January 29, 2010

Jocelyn tries Ballet....Again.

With the already FAILED adventure of this venue, I was quite scared to bite this one off again, but with a different ballet school, why not?!? There are a million ballet schools here in the area, so I suppose with each fit, a new school eh?? Nahh, I am kidding. Jocelyn did very good today. We walked into the place and immediately we were greeted like we actually mattered. The lady behind the desk took my daughter's hand and led her to a place to put her shoes and gave her some loaner slippers to wear for the trial class we were seeking out.

I found my way to a little outlook cove, where I could sit and watch without her noticing me. Taking pictures through a glass window would be a little challenging, but turned out okay. She did so good and the teacher actually focused a little attention on her as she was new and a little lost at times. She was put into a class of her age this time. It was amazing the difference in attitude here.

I think we found the school, now we have to figure out if this is what she wants to do with her Gymnastics. I find myself running ragged between School, daycare kids and my own kids AND sports now, but when I became a parent, these very moments were the moments I couldn't wait for. She finally spotted me out towards the end of class. LOL


Anita said...

I hope this is a good fit for all of you. She is just adorable!

Stephanie M. said...

Awwww! So precious!