Monday, January 25, 2010

Jocelyn does Gymnastics...

So today was an exciting day.... this was the day she got to go to Gymnastics. She has been wanting to do gymnastics for a while now, along with ballet and after last weeks episode at the ballet place, I was a little apprehensive, but she had a great class, with no bad attitude and no tantrums. I was a happy camper! Did we find her niche? Well if we did.... she only comes by it honestly, I mean after all.... Mommy was a Gymnast for 16 plus years. She took gymnastics when she was 3 for a 6 week period and then stopped, I could only imagine If I wouldn't have pulled her out, where she'd be today?!? Well, I can't go back... only forward and I don't feel she was ready until now for something to call her own. Being back in the gym gave me such a warm feeling, almost a feeling when you lose something and you find it after many years..... Well, that is the feeling I had tonight. Ahhhh it just felt good to be in a gym, a place I grew up in (not the same one) a smelly, sweaty gym... The very "distinct" smell that comes with the sport. Watching the team girls, things I used to do brought back soooo many great memories. It all goes by so quick, feels like yesterday I was in that leotard, chalked up hands, taped up shins, red hip bones from beating on the bar doing trick after trick while MY parents on the sidelines in big heavy coats nodding off as I practiced for hours on end every single day. Now, here I sit in a gym for only an hour, watching my daughter and somewhat reliving my parents "moments" all the while wondering just what it felt like to be a parent that sacrificed everything for their child.... Well this is the place, the environment that I can call home. I will not push my daughter into the sport for "my" sake, this is why I have her trying MANY different sports currently and will give her the option to pick one or two and stick with them. Part of me does hope she chooses Gymnastics and that's only because I can help her so much when it comes to coaching her on the side or helping her with certain moves or tricks, but whatever she decides... I will stand by her 150 percent, the whole way thru. My son wanted so badly to play in the foam pit after class, so we let him for a few mins. We may go back for open gym on Friday's to let them get their energy out. Enjoy the pics. Until next time..... Chow.
Having fun on the rings

Jocelyn having a great time

She looks so little up there.

Yep, she took the "purple" trampoline and LOVED bouncing

Practicing her Cartwheels

Handstands! Okay, need to work on keeping the legs together. LOL

Warm up time.


Christie said...

Fun! Looks like she enjoyed it.

Oregon Mom said...

YAY! That is awesome that she liked it. Ry loves gymnastics too. We used to be over there as much as we were at cheer until her coach got hurt. But we will be back soon- so we may run in to ya!
Cute pictures!