Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Sunday!

Well.... our Easter Sunday was VERY uneventful! Starting on Saturday. We had plans to go to Chyenne's dad's house for a day of hanging out and Easter dinner. We received a phone call early that morning with news of one of my husbands closest cousins just had emergency surgery for ruptured appendix. So we rushed to the hospital to see him. Learning once we got there that his dad was in the hospital for cellulitis and his niece twisted her ankle coming out of the hospital from seeing him and was now on Crutches! I was in disbelief. So after all that Chaos, jokingly I told them NOT to wear off on us!

By the middle of the day, we were up having a great time at the grandparents house. The kids running outside having a blast, then with a sudden scream... our son was down, holding his arm. We both freaked out at first but, after a while he seemed okay after some ice and rest. We both thought he just maybe jammed his wrist or sprained it after he had fallen. The next morning the kids woke up and Cameron's arm was swollen and he was hurting pretty bad. So off to the Doctor we went. The Xrays showed that he broke the small bone in his arm fully through and the bone sits a little off, so on Wednesday we have to go back in for xrays to make sure it's healing right. If it isn't.... that means surgery! I am going to stress about that until we find out how he's healing.

Happy Easter to me eh? LOL Makes for a great story years from now. I hope everyone else had a fabulous day.


Anita said...

OH Sheri! You poor thing, and your poor little boy, I pray it's correcting itself and he wont' have to undergo surgery. You are right, great stories for when he is all grown!
Take care!

Stephanie said...

OH geesh! Next time, he's getting duct taped to a chair. He won't be able to break himself that way, he he.