Friday, April 10, 2009

My little Karate Kid...

We had a tournament up in Portland last Saturday. The tournament started at 9am, and that meant we had to be on the road starting at 6am. The night before I got everything together, uniform washed, bags packed and kids bathed. The next morning we made our deadline, we were on the road at 6! Our son was exhausted but did such a great job. This was his first BIG tournament and had alot of hard fights, but never gave up.

He was first up for his forms. Each belt you make, you have several forms to learn (little routines) and they are all in the Korean language. The judge calls out a specific form for you to show. Now, for a 7 year old, it's a big deal to learn and remember each step with perfection. Cameron didn't learn the last half of his form until 2 day's prior to the tournament. He competed against 3 other kids in his age group and he WON! Gold metal status. He did such a great job!

There were alot more kids in his age group when it came to sparring. He fought some pretty tough kids.

Another school from Kalamath Falls has some pretty awesome kids and even though they are green belts like Cameron, they fight like they are Brown belts. But, we were quickly educated on the fact that, that's all their school does is focus on fighting and not on the fundamentals of the "art" of Tak wan do. In this last tournament, Cameron placed 3rd in the Fighting division, which still is pretty good. Cameron has became quite the perfectionist, so he was pretty frustrated that he didn't go out there and whoop butt, he has many tournaments coming up that he can practice and get ready for.

So in honor of Cameron doing such a great job, we enjoyed a day at the Family Fun Center in Portland. It was so much fun and such a beautiful day, we really enjoyed ourselves. By the time we got back in the car for the ride home.... our kids were out within 5 mins. LOL They slept all the way home and didn't get up until 10am the next morning.

Cameron is coached by the best trainers, world champions at that. Cameron will get his black belt with honors within 2 years from now, you have to be 16 to receive your black belt, he will still get to wear a black belt with a red stripe, basically stating that he is only awaiting the legal age. So from 9-16 he will be working on perfection and different degree difficulties.

We are so very proud of him, and in just the last 2 weeks he was introduced to a new class that he just loves. He now has a weapons class 1 day a week too. Here he learns stick fighting, Nunchucks, sword fighting, knives and so forth.

I'm still awaiting the fighting pictures to be sent to me so I will load those on here as soon as I receive them.

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Stephanie said...

Great Job!!! Tell him his Auntie stephanie thinks he did PERFECT, regardless of his medals. Gold?! Who can get any better than that?!