Thursday, April 16, 2009

Broken Arm update...

I scheduled an appointment for a follow up for Cameron's arm after he was seen in Urgent care on Easter Sunday. Yesterday we went into our regular Dr. for a review of the xrays and to discuss the plan. After review of the xray the Dr. decided he wanted a repeat xray because of Cameron having a displaced fracture. So off to xray we went, across town that is.

Once we were in there getting the pictures, I asked the xray tech if I could get a sneak peak at the pictures and she said sure. Looking at the pictures, I thought they looked a little bit better, although; the arm is obviously broken. Well... a few hours later, our doctor calls me personally and tells me the terrible news. There has been a dramatic change from the first xray to the second. In the second it showed a bow in the bone where it's broken. Means more than likely it will not heal correctly.

Not what a mother wants to hear... I immediately felt my eyes filling up with tears and got real shaky at first because no mom wants to hear bad news when it comes to her "baby".

The doc told me that he forwarded the xrays over to the Orthopedic Surgeon "stat" and they would be getting back to us within a few days. I wasn't off the phone 10mins and there they were. So now I am really nervous on just what the "rush" is all about. Our appointment is this Friday (tomorrow) at 9:45 am.

Chyenne (hubby) and I sat Cameron down and explained to him what was happening. Our son is a worry wort just like his momma... he started crying and sobbing, but felt he needed to know as he is going to find out tomorrow anyway. I wanted to console him and have a one on one instead of it being in the Dr. office.

I will keep everyone updated. Tomorrow we will find out if he has to have surgery or not. Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

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Stephanie said...

Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best for tomorrow! Hopefully all will go well and things will fix themselves on their own, without surgery. EEK!