Friday, April 17, 2009

ANOTHER update on the arm...

So today was the day we seen the Orthopedic Surgeon. Good news! So far no surgery is needed. Cameron got his blue cast off, since it was doing absolutely NO good, got another xray and got a "full" arm cast all the way up to the arm pit. The bone that is broke... Aka, the Ulna, is slipped slightly as you can see in the xrays. Not only is it slipped a bit, but because he wasn't in the correct cast the bone was starting to bow a little bit. Looks like a whole lot to me! So Cam got to choose a cool color and he went with one of "momma's" favorites... Lime green.

Once complete with the full arm cast, another xray was taken to make sure it didn't slip, since it's very easy to do. Everything looked A-okay. So every week for 5 weeks, we need xrays to make sure it's healing correctly and the 6th week he gets it off. It's already been a week since it was broken, so when it's all said and done.... 8 grueling weeks and half the summer. LOL Go figure right?!? No soccer this year I guess.

I am just very thankful we didn't have to endure surgery. I was really stressing out about that one. Thank goodness for rockin insurance! That's all I have to say for now. LOL

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