Friday, January 2, 2009


Two Names You Go By: Mommy, Sheri

Two Things You Are Wearing Right now: Jeans and a Tshirt

Two Things You Want Very badly At the Moment: To own my own house, to pay off all my bills.

Two People Who Will Fill This Out (and post a comment here to tell us..) Hmmm not sure (steph already did this). LOL

Two things you did last night: Sewed doll clothes with my daughter, Watched a movie with the family

Two things you ate yesterday: Yummy salad, yogurt

Two Things you're doing tomorrow: Laundry, running erands

Two longest car rides: Des Moines, Iowa and Mexico

Two favorite Holidays: Halloween and Christmas

Two favorite vacation spots: Well, I will tell you my 2 vacation spots I would like to go..... Jamacia and Hawaii. LOL

Two favorite beverages: Iced Tea, Margarita's

So be a sport and play too!

1 comment:

Anita said...

Sherri, I spent some time reading your blog archives. Your kids are so adorable!! And yes, as the mom of twins, I have to tell are in trouble, your daughter is way too beautiful......and precocious! I love it.
So I'll play this meme.......promise!
I really look forward to getting to know you this year!( and yes I use exlaimation points way too much......sorry)