Friday, October 24, 2008

Cameron Looses his tooth on Wednesday, Oct. 16th 2008

Well the moment has finally came where our son, Cameron has finally rose to the "goofy" stage of his life. Yep, he has lost his front tooth. He came home this evening from Bible study around 5pm and showed me his tooth that was hanging by a string.This was the 3rd tooth he will now lose. The other 2 times we have tied them with a string and slammed the door, Cam thinks that's pretty alright. Well, this day wasn't so exciting. As you can see, he got a little anxious at getting that tooth out. We had told him that it wasn't any different than the last 2.I noticed Chyenne's hand slowly moving towards the door... I then knew what was about to happen. Yep, just as I started to think, it happened! The door got slammed and the tooth went flying! My son has just reached a milestone in his precious life. A reminder for mom that he is no longer that precious little baby, but a precious little man now.

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d@gmarrs said...

Cameron is such a cutie and growing up oh so fast, we love you Cameron